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Ibn Sina’s Childhood and Education: Abu Ali Al Hussayn Ibn Abdallah Ibn Sina who’s commonly known as Ibn Sina or Avicenna, is a persian “polymath”. In other words, he is a person who expertises in several different areas. He wrote many different writings about many different subjects. His most prominent and famous works are ‘The Book of Healing’ and ‘The Canon of Medicine’. Let me tell you about his life and childhood. He was born in 980 c. in Qishlak Afshona, which is a village near Bukhara. His mother was from Bukhara too and her name is Setareh and his father was from Balkh and his name was Abdullah. By the age of fourteen his intelligence and impeccable memory allowed him to overtake his teachers. In his own autobiography he states that he had learned everything he knows by the age of eighteen. He had the entire Quraan memorised before he reached 10 years of age. He is considered by some historians to be a Sunni and by many others to be a Shi’a Twelver. He couldn’t understand many of Aristotle’s doctrines and writings including ‘Metaphysics’ as a teenager. However, when he read Al-Farabi’s commentary on Aristotle’s ‘Metaphysics’, he was able to understand it. Shortly after that, he turned to philosophy and studied it for a year and a half. Philosophy baffled him greatly and he couldn’t grasp many of its concepts. When this happened, he would perform ablution and go pray in a mosque until he is able to understand. When he finally was able to decipher what Aristotle meant in ‘Metaphysics’, he attributed this enlightenment to God and thanked him greatly and gave money to the poor. At the age of 16 he turned to studying medicine. however, he not only studied...

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