Once upon a time there were two friends that always told each other everything. As soon as one had something new to say the other was always the first one to know. Even during hard times, they would always stick together and depend on each other. Trust is a thing both these friends have for each other. Trustworthiness is what is needed to keep a relationship as perfect as these two friends. They have been friends for a long time and its not only trust that helped them to keep there friendship but honesty, loyalty, but mainly trustworthiness. These two girls are called Jessica and Ashley.

They had a lot of plans after they finish school. They were planing on going to collage together and they had a list of things that they wanted to do. On the other hand, the year was about end and that was something very exciting for Jessica, but for Ashley it was bad news as she knew that she would be moving at the end of the year. This would mean that Jessica and Ashley would be unable to go to college together like they were planning. Ashley was heart broken and she did not know how to tell Jessica about the unfortunate event because she was afraid to lose her trust because she had known this since the beginning of the year. This means that Ashley has been lying to Jessica the entire time and therefor Jessica would no longer trust her if she found out.

Sooner or later Ashley  knew that she had to tell Jessica. One day Ashley took Jessica and told her the bad news that she was moving away so they wouldn’t be able to go to college together. She also said that she had known this since the beginning of the year. Jessica was taken aback and was very upset. She told Ashley that this ruined the trust that they had established but that they could rebuild this trust again. Jessica and Ashley haven’t been close friends since then but they are working on their trustworthiness. This is why trustworthiness is important, it is the basis of every relationship.


By: Roudina Amr