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Fatima Al-Fihri Writing

Fatima el fihri
Fatima el fihri was a young princess that founded the first degree-granting university in fez, morocco in 859. Her sister myriam founded an adjacent mosque and together the complex became the al-qarawiyyin mosque and university. Still operating almost 1,200 years later, people hope the center will remind people that learning is at the core of the Islamic tradition and the story of the al-fihri sisters will inspire young Muslim women around the world today.
Fatima Muhammad al firhri died in 880 was nicknamed oum al banine, she was the daughter of a wealthy business man Muhammad al fihri.
after the death of Fatima and her sister myriam’s father they inherited his fortune and with that money they constructed the mosque and educational institution known as the qarwiyyin. The university of qarawiyyin in fez morocco is knows to be a major intellectual center in the Mediterranean. It has an excellent reputation that it attracted gerbert of Auvergne to study there. Auvergne then became pope Sylvester II and has been given credit for introducing Arabic numerals and the concept pf zero to the rest of Europe. It is said that fatimas sister myriam is responsible for the construction of al andalus in fez.
Fatima al fihri was a woman that pioneered a model of higher learning coupled with the issuance of degrees of various levels. She migrated with her family in the early nith century from qayrawan which Is modern day Tunisia to the city of fez in morocco. After the death of fatimas brother father and husband she and her sister decided to dedicate all their wealth and education to benefit their community. So they ended up building the qarawiyyin mosque and university. The university is considered by many historians as the oldest, continually operating, degree-granting university in the world. It was very famous also because it also had non-Muslim students.