Cooperation (Hayah Core Values)

In Hayah International Academy, we have Core Values that the students and the staff follow to be a better person in school and in the world. The world will never function probably without cooperation; cooperation is the secret word for human development for the past centuries. Also the secret of this school for becoming on of the greatest school in Egypt and the Middle East in this short time is cooperation between the staff, admin, workers, and students. Cooperation is the process of working together to achieve something at the end. It could be two people helping each other, a group of people, or even a whole community; just like the school of Hayah. Cooperation is our aim in our lives, if you want to achieve anything; you have to achieve it by cooperating with someone. Just like the assembly line in any factory. In a milk factory, you have people observing the assembly line; you have people adjusting the containers, others filling the boxes with milk containers and etc. This is how life goes in your life and everyone life. So if we start from the school office, you find the teacher filling for the other teacher’s papers to send it to them. First, she fills the paper, then she gives it to the matron to send it to the teacher in this class, then the teacher reads the note and replies to her and sends it back with that matron. This is a very simple example of cooperation that takes place in Hayah. If we don’t talk to each other, and you want to tell someone something, it doesn’t get done, does it? You would find cooperation in everything you do in your life. Nobody could get rid of cooperation, because cooperation is there but you don’t realize it. Cooperation in group sports is very important, the team will never succeed. Teammates must work together to achieve their goal, even if they don’t like each other. We could take the team of Barcelona as an example; they are one of the best clubs in the world for the past decade. They don’t have a player that makes the team win every time, it is the players who play together and make the time win. They cooperate together to achieve their goal together. Cooperation is everything, and as Martian Luther King said “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.