Al Kindi’s Life

Al- Kindi is a muslim scholar, inventor and innovator, he revolutionized many aspects of the sciences and even music and enabled successors to build on his work. Al –Kindi was born into a life of privilege and luxury; being the son of the governor of Kufa. He belong to a tribe known as the Kindi tribe. He was from what is know today as Iraq. He had his fundamental education in Kufa but moved to Baghdad to continue his studies and further his education. There he broadened his spectrum of knowledge and thereby became supported/patronized by the Abbasyia Caliphs knowns as Al Mamun and Al-Mutasim. He was then assigned to the House of Wisdom which translated Greek scholar texts, scientific and philosophical thus the influence of such work in his own findings and philosophies. Moreover he was chosen to be a calligrapher by Al Muttawakil (caliph) for his artistic and graceful skill when it comes to calligraphy. Thereafter the death of Al Mamun, Kindi’s role in the world of knowledge became of much more importance; he was even hired to be his son’s tutor. However his moment in the spotlight was short lived when al-Wathiq came into power. It is unclear as to what cause Al-Kindi’s collapse, it is argued that is was due to rivalries in the House of Wisdom or Al Muttawakil’s violent persecution towards non-orthodox Muslims. There reached a time when the exceptional scholar was  beaten and his library was confiscated. He died a lonely man in they huge city of Baghdad. After his death, many of his work was lost, this could be due to two reason one of which when the mongols burned down libraries during their invasion and the other that he simply wasn’t popular enough for his work to be carried on. Nonetheless numerous work of his was recovered and added generously to the findings of the science world, optical world, music world and many more.