Perseverance- Core Values

Perseverance is a great quality that a person can have. It is not easy to have, for it needs practice. Perseverance is being able to work hard, being patient, and working without any complaints. Being perseverant is working hard without stopping, even if there are problems, you still feel like you want to continue. It includes trying again and again. There are many perseverant characters around the world. Some of them are English, and some are Arabs. Some are even in Greek Mythology, for example, Odysseus. Others are like Aisha Abdel Rahman. Others include Rafa’ah el Tahtawy. All of these people show perseverance in their own way.
In the Odyssey, Odysseus is described as a perseverant man, for he overcomes all his triumphs and obstacles so he could go back to his wife Penelope. Odysseus’s various adventures as well as dangers and triumphs make him a perseverant character. He also fought the evil and the strong monsters. Although his men died, he continued and did not give up until he reached his goal, which was going back to his wife and going back to his throne.
Another example of perseverance was Aisha Abdel Rahman who was an Egyptian woman from Dumyat. Her father did not allow her to complete her education, for the period she has grown through didn’t advise that the women should learn, but she loved reading and writing. She wanted to learn, but her father stubbornness was going to stop her from learning, but her perseverance and her grandfather and her mother’s perseverance made her able to convince her father. She was also able to travel to Cairo and complete he education, but she learned at home and she would go on the days of the exams. This shows how perseverant she is, for she did not give up because her father disagreed, but she stayed behind her goal. She became a very famous author who wrote in “El Ahram” newspaper.
Another perseverant person was Rafa’ah el Tahtawy, who was an Egyptian teacher, who travelled to France with a group of students as their Islamic leader and who guided the students on their voyage. He was to take care of them there, so they wont be there alone without guidance. Rafa’ah used this opportunity and learned French in one month. This reveals his perseverance to learn a hard language in just one month. He wrote books and was affected by the French Revolution to remove Charles X as well as his admiration of the new French constitution. He admired their Democratic Ideas as well as their freedom.
In conclusion, perseverance is a great quality to be obtained by a human being, for perseverance is developed alongside with patience. An anonymous person once said, “Patience and perseverance surmount every difficulty” which shows how difficulties are resolved by perseverance.