Al-Khawarizmy: His Influence Today (PICTURES)



  1. His book “The Description of Earth” put the basis for map drawing today.
  2. This is an algebraic function inspired by Al-Khawarizmy.
  3. This Algebra book shows Al-Khawarizmy’s influence and work.
  4. This is influenced by Al-Khawarizmy’s work.
  5. This shape of the globe was inspired by Al-Khawarizmy’s work.
  6. This mathematical scale aided Al-Khawarizmy’s work.
  7. A calculator which is inspired by Al-Khawarizmy.
  8. A more advanced calculator also inspired by Al-Khawarizmy.
  9. Protractor was developed and inspired by Al-Khawarizmy.
  10. This graph is made possible because of Al-Khawarizmy’s work.