Al Zahrawi – Writing

During the era of the golden age, Muslim civilization invested a fame surgeon master into history, whose had significantly contributed to the medical surgery achievement. He had invented multiple methods and procedures of modern surgery, and also invented a lot of surgery tools and technology. It was no wonder that he re-known as the master or the father of modern surgery. The inventor of the modern surgeon Abu al-Qasim Al-Zahrawi was born in 936M. The west world knows him as Abulcasis. He was known as a phenomenal surgeon of the time. His works and thoughts had adopted a lot to the west medical.

The noble surgeon Al Zahrawi was born in 936 A.D. in Zahra, a small city located on the outskirts of Cordoba, Muslim Spain. It was in Cordoba that he had gained his education and then gave his medical lectures, gave his public health services, and developed surgeon technology to his death. There is indeed, very little about his youth history that was revealed. In case, his hometown in Zahra had burned out over the years of war. The history of Al Zahrawi was then written up0 when Andalusia’s scientist Abu Muhammad Ibn Hazm enlisted him as one of a noble surgeon master of Spain in Al-Humaydi’s Jadhwat al Muqtabis, a book written six decades after his death.

Al Zahrawi dedicated a lot of years to his life only to surgeon and medical teaching. His noble was brought to him to the royal services of kingdom in the era of Al-Hakam II Khalif of Andalus. He had not traveled a lot just like any other Muslim scholars of the time. His concern and focus dedication was on accident and war victims. Al Zahrawi’s colleagues confessed that Al Zahrawi is a genius when it comes to surgery, his ventures on medical and surgeon was so immense, his ‘treasures’ of invaluable medical bible Al-Tasrif was an encyclopedia of medical science since then. The 30 volume books of standard syllabus of Europe medical school.

Al Tasrif was the book in which he’d been in detail descripted on surgeon, orthopedic, ophthalmology, pharmacology, and standard medical chapters. It was also descript about cosmetics and more chapters include deodorant, hand lotion, hair care and tints which then derivate to our modern day products. Al Zahrawi was a lecturer who loves his students. It was then revealed in Al Tasrif, how he cares about his students queries. Al Zahrawi ever reminded his students about necessity on building good relationships with the patients. He also reminding that a doctor should be dedicated to any patients at best no matter what the social status they have.


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