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Ibn Zuhr/ Writing

Ibn Zuhr (1094–1162 CE) was known in the West by the name Avenzoar, he was an Arab-Muslim physician and surgeon. He was born at Seville (southwestern Spain) and was known as the greatest physician of Al-Andalus (Spain). His family included many scholars ex. Jurists, poets, viziers or courtiers, and midwives who served under rulers of Al-Andalus. He studied medicine with his farther when he was young. He left Seville because he had an issue with the ruler and returned when it was invaded by the AlMohad dynasty and devoted himself to medical practice. Ibn Zuhr was known for his simple and rational way of medicine. His major work, Al-Taysīr fil-Mudāwāt wal-Tadbīr (“Book of Simplification Concerning Therapeutics and Diet”), affected the progress of surgery. He also improved surgical and medical knowledge by discovering several diseases and their treatments. He performed the first experimental tracheotomy on a goat. He is thought to have made the earliest description of bezoar stones as medicinal items.