Al-Khawarizmy: Childhood and Upbringing (WRITING)

Not much is known about Al-Khawarizmy’s childhood and upbringing, which is unfortunate as it may have held a key to his genius mind. Considering he lived in a time almost obsolete to us, very little is recorded of him due to irregular and incompetent means of recording and preservoing data.

He was born in a Persian family in Chorasmia, in Central Western Asia (Uzbekistan today)   in 780. He was raised in the Medieval Era, The Islamic Golden Era, which is somewhat an indication to his success. His nation was successful, rising and stable, providing an environment that can and did promote intelligence and creativity. This eventually led to incredible inventions, contributions and an influence today that cannot be disregarded. His father was a man of education, he believed in its importance and power, as well as that of religion. This, he passed on to his son, which is obviously evident as this had a major effect on his life. Very little is known about his personal life.

The preface of his Algebra indicates he was an Orthodox Muslim, but other sources dictate that he might have been a follower of the Zoroastrian religion in his early days. He completed Algebra along with several other books in Baghdad, which had developed into the center of scientific studies in the world perhaps, as not only did Persians like Al-Khawarizmy move there, but scientists from as far as China and India travelled to the city. He worked in The House of Wisdom, a scientific research and teaching center, established by Caliph al-Ma’mun, where he studied sciences and math.

Al-Kawarizmy is referred to as “…one of the greatest minds of Islam, he influenced mathematical thought to a greater extent than any other medieval writer.” He has not only influenced Muslims in his time, but everyone, regardless of religion, today.