Ibn Zuhr

    Abu Marwan Abd-El Malik ibn Zuhr who is known in the west as Avenzoar he was a very important Arab-Muslim Physician and surgeon he worked in Al-Andalus where he was born at Seville which is now considered south western Spain .He belonged to Al-Zuhr family which produced six generations of physicians, therefore he studied medicine with his father at a young age.Ibn-Zuhr really focused on the rational basic of medicine .He wrote a very well-known book called Al-Taysīr fil-Mudāwāt wal-Tadbīr (“Book of Simplification Concerning Therapeutics and Diet”), got later translated into Latin and Hebrew and really affected  the development of surgeries. Ibn-Zuhr also developed surgical and medical knowledge as he listed in his several diseases and their treatments. Ibn-zuhr is believed to have done the first trachenometry on a goat and he also introduced bezoar stones as medical treatments. Al Zuhr’s work includes three books Kitab al-iqtisad fi Islah Al-Anfus WA al-Ajsad, written in his youth. Kitab al-aghdhiya, on foods and regimen of health, written in exile in Morocco.Kitab al-taysir, his opus magnum and written at the request of his colleague Averroes. Ibn Zuhr fled Seville but went to jail in Marrakesh in 1140 he later went back and practiced medicine until he died in 1162.Ibn Zuhr introduced descriptions of different cancers and animal testing as an experimental way to test surgical procedures before doing them on humans. Also, he was the first to describe the diseases called scabies, the itch mite, therefore he was referred to as the first parasitology. He was even the first to practice direct feeding through the gullet in those cases where normal feeding was not possible. The Jewish physician-philosopher Maimonides believed Ibn Zuhr was a great surgeon describing him as “unique in his age and one of the great sages”. He frequently quoted him in his medical texts. As a way to honor his death Syria made a stamp with his picture in 1968. Ibn Zuhr focused only on Medicine, unlike other scientists who work on several fields .When he focused on one field he was able to make plenty of advancements and improvements .He focused on observation and experiment in his work. Dr. Neuberger in History of Medicine writes that “Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar) was proficient in the art of dissecting dead human bodies and knew anatomy in detail. His operative technique was superb.” .