Freedom First

Freedom First

During the past few months Egypt has witnessed the eruption of millions of citizens demanding the departure of President Hosni Mubarak. Many people are worried about the upcoming President. ‘Who’s next?’ Has become a common question frequently asked, but the most shocking is people’s doubt of Egypt’s readiness for democracy. Searching up democracy, I found a very accurate and concise definition “political and social equality”.

People are afraid of accomplishing their dreams. Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people. We can’t exclude the illiterate, the uneducated, and the underprivileged from voting. People misunderstand the relation between literacy and common sense. Do you think a farmer wouldn’t know who is best fit to represent him?! Let me remind those who think the poor are inadequate to vote, that this class of people are the most vital citizens to determine their fate, Egypt’s fate, they are the foundation of our society. Democracy is the changing point; giving citizens the power to moderate the President. Democracy calls for a president to be equal to a cleaner; they are both citizens serving the same country, each with duties, and rights.

Even if Egypt is not ready for democracy now, it will be at some point. We will make wrong decisions and learn from them, so what? What is there to lose? We will take it step by step, illiterate, then literate, then educated and so on. Another concern that accompanies the idea of democracy is the freedom of homosexuals, and the influence of Christians and Jews. To neutralize this controversial matter, let me remind you that every country has its own red line, its own customs and traditions. For China Atheists rule, for Saudi Arabia Muslims rule, so why are we apprehensive of Jews or Christians rule. Those are minorities that hardly make up 15% of the voting poles. Democracy gives Egyptians the authority to legalize Constitution clauses regarding all those issues. Majority rules, democracy.

We just got to have faith. We need to understand the concept of democracy, to acknowledge its advantage, and avoid its loop holes. We can turn democracy to our advantage, shape our own ideology, set our own rules, but we’ve got have the freedom first.

By: Alaa Amr