Al-Zahrawi Writing

Abu Al-Qasim Kalaf Ibn Al-Abbas Al-Zahrawi

Al-Zahrawi is a famous Muslim scholar. He was born in 936 and died in 1013. He lived in al andalas which was Spain in the middle Ages when the Muslim was in it. In the west he used to known as Abulcasis, because he was a physician, surgeon, and scientist. He’s the fatherof modern surgery and Islam’s greatest medieval surgeon. Al Zahrawi was a very talented and educated scholar he wrote a book that talked about scientism comprehensive in an encyclopedia called “the drainage for who cannot form” in the book he wrote about 30 different reports. for example in report 1 he talked about the general information’s in medicine and information in writing
medicines and the ways of slicing. In report 2 he talked about diseases and their symptoms, also their cure. In report 26 he wrote about what food should healthy and sick people eat. There are a lot of famous sergeants like Roger Salerno that were influenced by El Zahrawi. They discovered new this that they later find out el Zahrawi did it before them 300 years ago. Also guy de chauliac was one of the first French surgeons that were influenced by el Zahrawi. Guy de chauliac wrote a very famous book called “la pratique en chirurgie’ this book had great influence on future surgeons, it also advised doctors what to do in surgery. All that influence and great work is because of El Zahrawi he was the one who worked hard and discovered many new things that other scholars used in their research. Also one of his very famous books was the “kitab al tasrif” known also as the method of medicine. This book is an Arabic encyclopedia on medicine and surgery. He wrote in in the 1000’s. Know a days this book has been translated in many different languages, and it was found by a Latin scholar.